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Application of Parylene Nano Coating in Aerospace Defense

Aug. 12, 2019

As a Pharmaceutical Intermediates Supplier, let's talk about the application of Parylene Nano Coatings in the field of aerospace defense.

In MEMS integrated devices and other multi-layer line device applications, such as the cockpit, engine handling, and control systems, thermal stability is critical. A good example found is an industrial-grade sensor coated with Parylene Material. This allows the sensor to meet the design and functionality of industry-standard and standard requirements. Rapid changes in aircraft wing and empennage applications under uncontrolled conditions are often disadvantageous for standard circuit board assemblies. Protected with Parylene Coating, the same board assembly can operate as it changes from plane to all operating heights.

Parylene Coating Material

Parylene Coating Material

Parylene Coating Material has low dielectric constants and dissipation factors that enable signal fidelity, which is valuable in applied electrical and fiber optic interconnect systems, especially in weaponry radar systems and other anti-aliasing applications. in.

As LEDs increase in aircraft lighting applications, Parylene Coating offers long-term UV protection, which will be applied to any COST component used in navigation lights, cabin lights or landing gear lights. This coating enhances light window and radiation detection. The life of the components used by the device is also very valuable.

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