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Characteristics of Parylene Products

Aug. 17, 2019

As a Parylene Powder Supplier, let's talk about the characteristics of Parylene products.

1. Vapor deposition: the only vapor-deposited polymeric material for industrial applications.

2. Complete confirmation of complex surface: Since Parylene Powder adopts vapor deposition process, the gaseous monomer is cleavage into free radical and directly polymerizes into solid polymer film on a solid surface, so no matter the shape on the surface of coating material Complex, can be pervasive, will not leave a dead end.

3. Nanoscale: According to the concentration of gaseous monomer and the polymerization time of sedimentation, a uniform controllable thickness of the coated film can be obtained, and the thickness thereof is 0.1-10 micrometers or even tens of nanometers.

Parylene Powder

Parylene Powder

4. Corrosion resistance: The composition of the film is a polymer material of parylene. The water and gas permeability is extremely low, and it is waterproof, salt spray resistant, acid, and alkali resistant, and oxidation resistant.

5. Insulation performance: Parylene Material has a low dielectric loss and high dielectric strength, high mechanical strength and low friction coefficient, suitable for most electronic products.

6. Others: transparent, stress-free, strong toughness, low friction coefficient, no additives, no damage to the workpiece, compared to the low cost and high efficiency of nylon or Teflon coating process.

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