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Do you understand why Parylene Deserves Selecting?

May. 20, 2020

Tried as well as Checked: Parylene conformal coverings have actually been protecting and also lubricating elastomers, electronic devices, plastics as well as steels for over 4 decades.

This ultra-thin coating supplies a constant pin-hole cost-free obstacle that is truly conformal, covering all forms, sides, gaps as well as recesses to the same thickness, without suffering any of the edge results of even more conventional finishes.

Parylene F

Parylene F

Environmental Protection

Parylene is thought about by numerous to be the very best slim film conformal finishing for environmental management especially in high reliability applications.

It is the finishing of choice to ruggedize critical electronics, tools as well as subassemblies in industries such as Aerospace, Protection and also Medical.

Parylene supplies defense from moisture, corrosive physical liquids, chemicals, gases, temperature and fungus much surpassing the protective buildings of many other conformal coverings.

Solves completely dry friction

Parylene is a highly lubricous dry film layer.

Parylene Nhas a reduced co-efficient of friction of 0.25 fixed and vibrant in between 2.5-- 6µm.

Being particle complimentary and bio suitable, it is the favored dry film lube for release-ability of making aids for medical gadget manufacture.

For elastomeric applications Parylene is utilized to remove tackiness from the substratum at layer thicknesses as reduced as 1500Å.

Benefits of Parylene consist of:

Ultra thin light weight movie -- covering density of less than 1 µm can be applied, permeating mini porosity to offer pin hole complimentary defense and also lubricity.

Attire -- thickness tolerances are usually held to ± 20% from nominal.Tolerances as limited as ± 5% are feasible even for the most intricate and complicated forms.

Stability -- Parylene is inert and insoluble in the majority of solvent systems within its temperature range. It is thermally secure in between -200 ° C as well as 125 ° C and higher in an inert setting.

Dielectric stamina -- very high dielectric strength of 7 kV/mil.

Lube -- Parylene acts as a dry film lubricant, eliminating the requirement for liquid launch agents.

Ecological barrier protection -- Parylene supplies protection from moisture, corrosive bodily fluids, chemicals, gases, temperature level as well as fungi.

Reduced tension process -- used at space temperature. Any type of things which can be exposed to tool vacuum cleaner can be covered with Parylene.

Flexibility -- elongation to damage of Parylene C is 200%.

Optical quality -- Parylene C is optically clear.

Sterilisation -- by any type of method has little impact to the physical properties of Parylene.

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