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Why Use Parylene?

Apr. 15, 2020

As a Parylene Powder Factory, share with you.

Parylene is taken into consideration by numerous to be the ultimate conformal finish for the defense of tools, parts as well as surfaces in the electronics, instrumentation, aerospace, medical as well as design sectors.

Parylene D

Parylene D 

Parylene is one-of-a-kind in being developed straight on the surface at an area temperature level.

There is no liquid phase included. Coatings are really conformal, of uniform manageable density, and also is totally pinhole-free at densities above 0.5 μ.

The coating completely penetrates spaces as slim 0.01 mm.

No initiators or drivers are associated with the polymerisation so the finish is very pure and free from trace ionic pollutants.

Room temperature level formation suggests the finishes are effectively stress-free.

Any type of substrate that is vacuum-stable can be layered and also the finish sticks strongly to all products, even stainless steel, supplied the appropriate adhesion-promotion methods are used.

Parylene is chemically and biologically inert and also stable as well as make superb obstacle products.

Parylene is virtually entirely untouched by solvents, have low bulk leaks in the structure and also are hydrophobic. Coatings quickly pass a 100hr salt-spray examination.

Parylene has outstanding electric properties: reduced dielectric consistent and loss with good high-frequency residential properties; great dielectric stamina; and also high mass and surface resistivities.

Parylene has excellent thermal endurance: Parylene C carries out in air without substantial loss of physical residential or commercial properties for 10 years at 80 ° C and also in the lack of oxygen to temperature levels over of 200 ° C.

Parylene is clear and also can be utilized to layer optical aspects.

Coatings perform well as completely dry lubes: fixed and also vibrant rubbing coefficients are equal and equivalent to fluoropolymers with the advantage that they also have good wear and also abrasion resistance.

Parylene is a conformal safety polymer covering material made use of to evenly protect any type of element arrangement on such diverse substrates as metal, glass, paper, material, plastic, ceramic, ferrite and also silicon. Because of its unique residential properties, Parylene complies with essentially any type of form, including sharp edges, crevices, points; or level as well as revealed internal surface areas.

Parylene gives phenomenal security for the most severe environmental conditions. This polymer is called out as "Kind XY" finish in the MIL specifications such as MIL-I-46058C, as well as IPC-CC-830. Parylene is unique as it is deposited with a vacuum cleaner deposition system, as gaseous molecules efficient in supplying a pin-hole complimentary movie at 3 microns density. This technique of application yields a real conformal film complexion that contours all surface areas, revealed or concealed. Further, the density of the Parylene film could be extremely snugly controlled because of this special method of deposition.

The Parylene movie is chemically inert, no acid or alkaline product will assault it in any kind of significant manner. The FDA has actually accepted the Parylene movie for human implantable tools. The Parylene film possesses superior dielectric residential or commercial properties, coming close to 8000 volts for 1 mil density.

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