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Unique protective features of Parylene Coating

Oct. 31, 2019

  An electronic product is in a high-humidity closed system environment in which a mixture of various chemical substances and water molecules coexists, and the wiring of the circuit and components are often corroded, resulting in extremely poor reliability of the product. The printed board assembly of this product has adopted DC1-2577 conformal coating produced by Dow Corning Company of the United States. The protective coating of S01-3 polyurethane varnish used in most domestic electronic products can not solve the corrosion problem of lines and components. Later, the company introduced the Parylene N vapor deposition coating process line to solve the reliability of the electronic product. Through the long-term application of the Pyrene vapor deposition process, we have concluded that the Parylene vapor deposition process has the following unique protective advantages:

Parylene Coating

Parylene Coating

  (1) "non-porous"

  Parylene Coating is a unique vacuum vapor deposition a process that is a conformal polymer film coating that is "growth" from the active small molecules on the surface of the substrate. Since it is formed under vacuum, the most important feature of the process is "non-porous", which can be applied to surfaces of various shapes, including sharp edges, cracks and inner surfaces.

  (2) can provide a true pinhole-free protective layer

  The parylene precipitation process is to heat and gasify the xylene ring dimer and then pyrolyze it into free gas-phase molecules, and then adsorb it on the substrate in a vacuum and room temperature to form a film, which is very airtight. Protective film. Since the coating does not contain a solvent, it overcomes the disadvantage that the solvent-based paint used in the past will inevitably leave many fine pinholes due to solvent evaporation during the drying process, and can provide a true pinhole-free protective film.

  (3) Unique protective performance combined with independent protection performance and overall protection performance of each local point

  Since the parylene coating is deposited at room temperature with a double free radical active monomer, the monomer sinks first onto the substrate of the printed board assembly, and then the active bonds of the monomers are bonded, thereby Connected into one piece to form a monolithic film. Through long-term use, we found that the points of the coating layer are an independent protection point. When the partial coating is damaged, it will not seriously affect the protection of the coating in the surrounding area, and the points of the coating layer pass through. The chemical bonds are joined together to form a whole, which enhances its protective properties.

  Coating protection for printed circuit boards and hybrid circuits is one of Parylene's most popular applications. It conforms to the XY type indicators in the US military standard Mil-I-46058C and meets the IPC-CC-830B protection standard. It maintains high board reliability in salt spray tests and other harsh environments without affecting the functionality of resistors, thermocouples, and other components on the board.

  Conformal coatings of electronic components and circuit components must meet electrical insulation and environmental protection requirements. Constantly miniaturized electronic products place higher demands on the performance of insulating coatings, in part because of the relationship between coating mechanical volume and circuit function. The more important feature of insulating coatings is coating integrity and uniformity. Sex, and it is physical, electrical, mechanical, and shielding properties. Our company is Parylene Powder Supplier, welcome to come to us.

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