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Pharmaceutical Intermediates Industry History Analysis

Jan. 20, 2020

As a Pharmaceutical Intermediates Supplier, share with you.

After the glorious Pharmaceutical Intermediates industry in the late 1990s, the industry has basically entered the mature stage. Competition between enterprises has reached a fierce temperature. Fighting each other for the last bit of strength. Who can persist until the end is the survivor? At the same time seduced by various legends and other factors, new investors continue to enter the industry with dreams. However, as the country requires pharmaceutical companies to carry out GMP certification and the rise of various overseas certifications. The scale of investment in the pharmaceutical industry has increased exponentially. How to maximize the economic and social benefits of limited funds and energy has become the goal pursued by every pharmaceutical intermediate investor.

Sodium Iodide

Sodium Iodide

The trajectory from medicine to medicine

The impact of the economic globalization process on China's economy is far more profound than its concept. Each production company does not need to be large and comprehensive but should focus its funds and energy on the industries and fields that it is good at. Other supporting materials and conditions can be completed by social collaboration. Through the formation of a product chain, the two parties to achieve a win-win situation. Under the influence of this concept, the pharmaceutical industry will process some primary products, such as solvent recovery. After the transfer to the cooperative enterprise is completed. Some products with certain pollution and danger are gradually transferred to chemical plants for production.

As the cooperation between the two sides continues to deepen, pharmaceutical companies are gradually transferring some products with higher added value and more technical difficulties. Chemical plant production made this branch industry develop rapidly in the 1990s. A group of pharmaceutical intermediate companies with output value of tens of millions to 100 million yuan has been achieved. At present, the industry has developed to a stage of closer cooperation with pharmaceutical companies. Manufacturers of pharmaceutical intermediates directly synthesize APIs and sell the products to pharmaceutical companies in the form of chemical products. Pharmaceutical companies are refined and then sold as medicines. The pharmaceutical intermediate industry can further extend the product chain. Increased product profits and increased sales stability while pharmaceutical companies reduced investment. Put limited funds and energy on aseptic dispensing that you are good at. Because the pharmaceutical intermediate industry does not have a production license for pharmaceutical products, it is impossible to compete with pharmaceutical companies for the market, so the cooperation between the two parties is complementary.

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