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Hydrazine Dihydrochloride

Product parameters
Product nameHydrazine dihydrochloride
Also known asHydrazine dihydrochloride
English nameHydrazine dihydrochloride
Molecular formulaH2NNH22HCl
CAS NO.5341-61-7
Molecular weight104.97
Molecular structure
Product natureWhite crystal powder. Density: 1.42, easily soluble in water.
AppearanceWhite crystal powder
StorageStore in a cool, and dry place, isolated from the air; it should be sealed when not in use.
PackageCardboard drum lined with plastic bag, 25 Kg/barrel; or according to customer requirements.
UsePharmaceutical intermediate
OtherMelting range:198℃Content:≥98.0%Loss on drying:≤0.5%
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