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What are the Protective Measures of Parylene C Powder?

Feb. 19, 2020

As a Parylene C Supplier, share with you.

With the development of surface mount technology and the increasingly miniaturization of components, printed circuit components are also increasingly miniaturized and high-density. Parylene raw materials c have put forward new requirements for the three-proof measures of printed circuit components. .

Parylene C Powder traditionally used in epoxy, polyvinyl chloride, silicone resin, polyacrylate and other protective coatings are liquid coatings. Due to the viscosity and surface tension of the liquid, the thickness of the coating is uneven, and the coating is thin at the edges and corners. When there is only a small gap between the components and the substrate, the coating will not flow. An air gap is formed. .

The coating is cured. After drying, it will cause shrinkage stress or form pinholes due to volatilization of solvents or small molecule additives. The dielectric strength of these traditional coatings is generally below 2000V / 25um, so it must be applied multiple times to achieve more reliable protection with thicker coatings. Parylene coating is based on active paraxylene double radicals. Small molecule gas is deposited and polymerized on the surface of printed circuit components.

Parylene D

Parylene D

Tritium gaseous small molecules can penetrate and deposit on the substrate including any small gap under the mount to form a high-purity polymer with a molecular weight of about 500,000. It does not have small molecules such as auxiliary solvents, which will not cause damage to the substrate. The combination of Parylene raw material c with a uniform thickness and excellent performance makes the Parylene coating only need 0.02-0.050.02 for printed circuits. The surface of the module provides very reliable protection, and even after the salt spray test, the surface insulation resistance will not change much.

And the thinner coating is also very beneficial to the heat dissipation when the component is working. Parylene raw material c In addition, due to the better symmetry of the molecular structure, it still has smaller dielectric loss and dielectric constant at higher frequencies. Its high frequency and low loss characteristics make it a high frequency microwave circuit. Conditions for reliable protection.

Parylene's vacuum vapor deposition process is not only similar to the manufacturing process of microelectronic integrated circuits, but also has a low dielectric constant. The parylene coating can also be etched and remetalized using microelectronic processing. Therefore, Parylene The raw material c can be used not only as a protective material, but also as a dielectric material and a mask material in a structural layer. The integrated circuit chip coated with Parylene has a 25um thin diameter connecting wire, which can improve the connection strength by 5-10 Times.

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