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Why Is Parylene Material Popular In The Market?

Jun. 19, 2019

Parylene is a common name for a series of unique polymers. The basic member of this family, called Parylene, is a completely linear, highly crystalline structure. Parylene Material is a protective polymer material that is formed into a protective film by vacuum vapor deposition. The film has the characteristics of uniform thickness, dense pinhole-free, transparent and stress-free, and has excellent electrical insulation and protection. As a Parylene Powder Supplier, let us explain the characteristics of Parylene products.

1. Vapor deposition: the only vapor deposited polymeric material for industrial applications.

2. Complete confirmation of complex surface: Due to the vapor deposition process, the gaseous monomer is cleavage into a free radical and polymerized directly into a solid polymer film on the solid surface. Therefore, on the surface of the coating material, no matter how complicated the shape, it can be perforated without leaving a dead angle.

Parylene Powder

Parylene Powder

3. Nanoscale: According to the concentration of gaseous monomer and the polymerization time of sedimentation, a uniform controllable thickness of the coated film can be obtained, and the thickness thereof is 0.1-10 micrometers or even tens of nanometers.

4. Corrosion resistance: The composition of the film is a polymer material of parylene, and the water and gas permeability is extremely low. Parylene Coating is water resistant, salt spray resistant, acid and alkali resistant, and resistant to oxidation.

5. Insulation performance: It has a low dielectric loss and high dielectric strength, high mechanical strength and low friction coefficient, and is suitable for most electronic products.

6. Others: transparent, stress-free, strong toughness, low friction coefficient, no additives, no damage to the workpiece, compared to the low cost and high efficiency of nylon or Teflon coating process.

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