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Do you know the advantages and protective effects of Parylene Coating?

Dec. 10, 2019

Parylene is a common name for a series of unique polymers. The basic member of this family is called Parylene, or parylene, which is a completely linear, highly crystalline material. Parylene is prepared by a unique vacuum vapor deposition process. A fully conformal polymer film coating is "grown" on the surface of the substrate by active small molecules. It can be applied to surfaces of various shapes, including sharp edges and cracks. Inside and inside. This 0.1-100 micron thin film coating prepared by room temperature deposition has a uniform thickness, dense and no pinholes, transparent and stress-free, does not contain additives, does not damage the workpiece, has excellent electrical insulation and protection, and is the most effective in contemporary Moisture-proof, mildew-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-salt spray coating material.

Parylene Coating

Parylene Coating

Parylene Coating is a kind of high molecular thermoplastic polymer. The monomer para-xylene is uniformly distributed in the gaps and surface layers of the coating under vacuum and then polymerizes. Using vapor deposition technology, the film thickness can be uniformly coated on the surface of the object.

The parylene coating material Dimer, after vaporization (150 ° C) and cracking (650 ° C), becomes the monomer para-xylene vapor, enters the coating room, and uniformly penetrates and coats by vapor deposition (CVD) at room temperature. It is placed on the internal gaps and surfaces of the coating and then polymerized into a parylene polymer material. Operating under vacuum has excellent porosity and non-porous efficiency, which is different from immersion or spray coating.

As a Parylene Powder Supplier, I would like to share with you the advantages of Parylene Coating including:

Good coating characteristics are far better than epoxy, spray, dipper and other coating methods, good insulation, and moisture and rust resistance.

Good chemical properties can solve the problem of acid or alkaline corrosion.

Good mechanical characteristics can be adapted to the temperature range of 200 ℃ to -200 ℃, the most important thing is that its thickness can be arbitrarily adjusted from 0.001 to 0.05mm.

Can form a pinhole-free film layer

2. Can get a very thin film

3. Precisely control mold layer thickness

4. Uniform thickness throughout

5. Has excellent moisture resistance

6. Prevents particles on the surface of the product from falling off

7. Material is colorless and highly transparent

8. Has extremely high insulation strength

9. Resistance to rust, corrosion and weathering

Effective protection

Acid and alkali corrosion resistance

2. Resistant to organic solvents (insoluble in any common solvents)

3. Low gas permeability and high barrier effect

4. Excellent temperature stability (200 ℃ ~ -200 ℃)

5. Mildew and bacteria resistance

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