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Product parameters
Product name2,5-Dithiobiurea
Also known asHydrazodicarbothioamide
English name2,5-Dithiobiurea
Molecular formulaC2H6N4S2
CAS NO.142-46-1
Molecular weight150.23
Molecular structure
Product natureWhite crystal, has a certain solubility in hot water, and is easily soluble in solvents such as pyridine, triethylamine and DMF.
ExteriorWhite crystal
StorageStore in a cool and dry place, isolated from the air. For more information, please refer to our product technical data MSDS: 2,5-Dithiobiurea, 98.0%
PackageCardboard drum lined with plastic bag, 25 Kg/barrel; or according to customer requirements.
UsePharmaceutical and pesticide intermediate.
OtherMelting point:206℃~208℃Main content:≥98.0%Loss on drying:≤0.5%
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